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What is THOË ?

THOË is a sampler using passive sampling devices (DGT®) for the analysis of dissolved metals species and organic compounds in seawaters and freshwaters. The analyses are performed sequentially to obtain time series covering up to several months.

THOË sampler features

THOË is an automatic and autonomous sampler capable of ensuring continuous monitoring of concentrations in waters up to a depth of 1000 meters. (For applications where greater depths are required please contact us).

THOË is able to sequentially integrate 12 time series measurements, each DGT® being programmable with hours to weeks frequencies, depending on the environment to be monitored.

The sampler is programmed using a simple USB connection (quick programming option with waterproof connection available as an option).

A temperature sensor for accurate calculation of the concentrations is integrated with the electronics.

The battery life is of at least 1 year.

The structure, plate and seals are made of chemically inert components (PEEK, PETP, PTFE and Silicon) while all metal parts are made of marine grade titanium.

Panel of measureable analytes

  • Environmental baseline studies , impact studies, risk assessment for aquatic media
  • Regulatory environmental monitoring, including the marine environment, ports, estuaries, rivers and lakes or reservoirs
  • Research, water chemicals transfer studies


A range of the different DGT® devices is available for use in the sampler and it includes:

  • DGT® C-LSNM : up to 30 metals, including Cd, Co, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb, Zn
  • DGT® C-LSNP : Phosphorous present as phosphate and polyphosphates
  • DGT® C-LSNF : Metals present as oxyanions, including As, Mo, Sb, Se, U, V, W.
  • DGT® C-LSNC : Polar compounds, including antibiotics
  • DGT® C-LSND : Polar compounds, including pesticides and personal care products.

Why DGT® devices ?

These commercially available (DGT® Research) devices are increasingly used in monitoring programs around the world.

With over 600 publications to date concerning the used of these DGT® devices, this technology is a reliable, robust and cost effective tool.