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AEL/LEA, a leading New Caledonian laboratory

Since 2010, AEL/LEA, a of spin-off laboratory from research, has been offering comprehensive and innovative solutions in environmental studies in New Caledonia. AEL/LEA provides expertise to multinational mining companies (Vale-NC, KNS/Glencore and SLN/ERAMET), to assess and limit their impact on the lagoon, classified as a World Heritage Site.

With highly technical and innovative methods developed as part of its research and development programs, AEL/LEA is equipped with a range of powerful tools to detect early impacts on the natural environment, however minimal. These programs are ongoing and a number of these are carried out in collaboration with research institutes.

AEL/LEA is composed of passionate scientists that are experts in analysis and advanced interpretation.  With experience gained over many years, AEL/LEA team members are the driving force behind its quality management system. The laboratory is certified ISO 9001 : 2008 that covers both its supporting and   core business activities. The field of AEL/LEA certified activities is  “Analysis and Expertise in Environmental Chemistry.  AEL/LEA quality assurance program (QA/QC) guarantees the analytical quality and reliability of the results to our customers, from the sample collection to the validation of data.

Areas of expertise are :

  • Baseline studies
  • Environmental Impact study
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Environmental accident management and response
  • Method development
  • Training, client support

As part of the quality control procedures, AEL/LEA regularly participates in proficiency testing in the form of inter-calibration exercises. This proficiency testing providing reassurance to its customers that methods developed internally are controlled and produce reliable results. These exercises also allow the laboratory to gain international recognition of its analytical skills.